Help : Testing
  • How do I check my attendance?

    Capitus utilizes a text in/out system to track each student’s attendance. At the beginning and end of class, you must text the code word provided by the instructor to 404.800.4206. An immediate text reply confirms whether you entered it correctly. Random words are provided for each individual class session by the instructor.

    Students are responsible for checking in upon arrival, checking out before lunch, checking in after lunch, and checking out after class is complete.

    If you receive an error message or forget to check-in or check-out, school staff can assist you, as a one-time courtesy. If you fail to check in or out, you are considered absent and are required to make up the missed time. Your attendance record can be checked online at any time.

  • Can I make up for missed class time?

    Students are expected to be on time and present for all registered classes. If you miss ANY class time, you are required to make up the missed time before being able to proceed with the course final exam.

    Students may miss no more than 12 hours of class time. If you miss more than 12 hours, you can transfer to a subsequent Sales course and pay a $100 transfer fee.

    Missed time can be made up by:

    • attending an alternate session at another offering of the course,
    • attending the 2-day Sales Cram Course ($65),
    • purchasing and completing an individual online chapter ($25 to $50 each), or by
    • scheduling a private make-up (tutoring) session, at your expense with an approved instructor.

    If attending another instructor’s course to make up time, be sure to ask them for a make-up form if you are attending in person. DO NOT check-in using the text feature for a class that you are not registered for. Virtual students will be sent the zoom link for the make up class only and they will type the name in the ‘chat box’ when arriving and when leaving … and notify the staff person monitoring the class via email when time has been made up.

  • How do I schedule my exam?

    In order to be eligible to take the state exam, you must first pass the school exam. If you have paid for your course, completed all assignments, made up any missing time and finished all homework within one year from the first day of class for instructor-led students, then you are eligible to register for your course exam. The Georgia Real Estate Commission allows schools to give students TWO opportunities to test. If the student is unsuccessful after the second opportunity, the student would be required to take the class again at a reduced rate.

    When you login, you must complete a profile which includes your date of birth and SSN. Capitus cannot report successful completion of your course to the Georgia Real Estate Commission until you have completed this profile. Occasionally mistakes are made when you enter your information, resulting in delays which can inhibit your ability to take the state exam and receive your new real estate license, so please be mindful of every keystroke to ensure that all is correct.

    You can choose the date and location of your exam. On-site/In-Person exams are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am at the school. Online Proctored exams can be scheduled daily and taken at any time between 8am and midnight on your chosen day for a $39 fee.

    Once registration is complete, an email confirmation will be sent to you. It contains details on how to prepare and what to bring, so please review carefully.

    Specific exams are allotted a certain amount of time to test. Sales and Broker students - 4 hours, CAM students - 2 hours and Postlicense students - 1 hour.

    The school exam is administered electronically on tablets and registration is required at least 24 hours in advance. If you need to reschedule, please log back into the testing registration link or contact Capitus staff. Registering for an exam and failing to show up will result in a $20 fee.

  • What should I expect when preparing to take my exam on exam day?
    On the day of On-Site testing:
    • Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled testing time.
    • Leave all personal items in your car. DO NOT bring in class books, notes, book bags, purses, cell phones, smartwatches or any other electronic devices with you.
    • Sign in and present picture identification. ID will be returned to you after you complete your exam and return the tablet.
    • Wait in the lobby area until you are escorted to the testing room.
    • Bottled water is allowed in the testing room, but no food or gum.
    On the day of On-Line Proctored testing:
    • Clear your testing area of all class materials (notes, books, etc.).
    • Ensure your phone and computer have a full charge. No other devices are allowed.
    • Open email confirmation and click on link to connect with a proctor.
    • Select “CAPITUS Real Estate Learning Center” as your school.
    • Confirm your name, exam and phone number and a proctor will video call you.
    • Allow proctor to view your room and provide instructions and link for exam.
    • If testing after hours or on the weekend, no Capitus support is available.
    • If you experience any technical difficulties during business hours, contact Capitus.

    NO course materials of any sort are permitted in the testing room other than pencils and calculators.

    You may leave the room for a short break but you should not leave the building. If you share information with anyone or are in possession of or access any outside materials, this will be considered cheating and you will be asked to leave the exam. In this situation, you forfeit any testing fees, your two opportunities to test and your only option will be to repeat the entire course at full price.

    If you are not yet licensed, you are expected to conduct yourself with the same code of ethics that you will be subject to when you are licensed. You are expected to report any questionable activities you observe to the school staff so they can enforce these regulations.



    • "An examinee's supplying to others, or attempting to supply to others, any information concerning the content of any qualifying examination, administered by or approved by the Commission shall be grounds for denial of license or the imposition of any sanction permitted by O.C.G.A. Section 43-40-25."
    • Please do not jeopardize your career or the careers of others by sharing exam information. This is considered a serious violation by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and there are severe consequences for violators.
    Test Taking Tips
    • Write down formulas, key definitions while fresh on your mind.
    • Skip questions that you don't immediately know the answer to. A later question may help you remember.
    • Look for critical words like EXCEPT, NOT, MOST, and LEAST.
    • Be wary of double negatives like "Which is not false…"
    • Break long questions down into steps.
    • Don't assume the exception. If it is true most of the time, it's probably true.
    • Be careful of absolutes such as NEVER and ALWAYS.
    • If two answers appear equally correct, re-read the question. You are looking for the best answer.
    • Never change an answer unless you are certain it is wrong.
    • If appropriate, read the question and think of the answer before looking at the choices.
    • Read all the choices before selecting an answer.
    • Eliminate choices that are obviously wrong.
    • Re-read the question followed by the choice being considered.
    • Don't overlook the obvious. It really may be as simple as it seems.

    When you finish the exam, you will see your results immediately on the screen.

    A "Strength and Weakness" report, which can be used to prepare for the state exam or a retake exam if you do not pass the first exam, is automatically emailed to you. A passing score for the final exam is 72% for Sales Prelicense or 75% for CAM and Broker Prelicense.

    If you fail on your first attempt, you can retake the final exam. If you fail to pass the second time, you must retake the entire course for $150 in order to gain two additional opportunities to take the school exam. You have one year to utilize the retake price of $150.

    The school will electronically transmit your completion date to the Georgia Real Estate Commission after you have passed the school exam. There is a waiting period of approximately 48 business hours for sales prelicense students, and 3-5 business days for broker and CAM students to process your application and proof of completion. Students are to contact PSI (Professional Services Industries) at 1.800.345.6559 or visit their website, to schedule your state exam.

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